We’ll admit you need a little knowledge about replacement windows and an honest window company helping you, but you can choose your new windows in three steps. If you look at the elements for windows, it comes down to frame material, energy efficiency and appearance. As long as you understand replacement window terms and know how to read the NFRC label, you’ll be able to pick out your new windows quite easily.

Step 1 – Frame Material

Most people today choose vinyl replacement windows. They’re affordable and require little maintenance. Various brands offer different colors and styles and all are energy efficient. The second most common option is aluminum followed by fiberglass. Although wood windows are still common, they’re not the most popular. The exception is homeowners in historic homes. Many want or need to keep the historic look. A better option for those homeowners are wood clad windows. They have wood inside for the look they desire and aluminum on the outside for better durability and lower maintenance.

Step 2 – Energy Efficiency

Here you’ll need to choose double or triple pane glass and if you want a gas fill between the panes. Most window manufacturers offer several window lines. Within those lines you’ll find various levels of energy efficiency. Generally, the more energy efficient a window in a particular line from a manufacturer, the higher the price. You’ll need to balance the energy savings with what you’re spending on increased energy efficiency to decide if you need or want some of the energy efficient features offered. You can compare the energy efficiency of the windows using the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) window sticker that is on all rated replacement windows.

Step 3 – Appearance

This will likely take you the most time. You’ll need to choose from the options available from the replacement windows that meet your energy efficiency goals. The elements in the window’s appearance include:

  • Window style – single or double hung, casement and sliding windows are quite popular.
  • Frame color – depending on the frame material you choose and brand window, you may have virtually unlimited options including custom colors.
  • Grid or grille pattern – this refers to the divides in the glass and you can choose none at all or one of many styles depending what the brand window you choose offers.
  • Glass style – most homeowners choose a clear glass for the majority of their windows, however, for more privacy you can opt for a textured glass.
  • Hardware options – locks and pulls in some window lines come with finish options.

Of course, when you call Affordable Replacement Window Systems for your new windows, we’ll help you every step of the way. We’ll answer your questions honestly and completely so you’re completely comfortable with your decisions. If you’re ready to get started choosing your replacement windows, call or text us for your free consultation at (817) 264-6509 or fill out our contact form today.

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