When it comes to siding, there are many brands and materials. Today, the most common options are fiber cement siding and vinyl siding. The best replacement siding is one that protects your home, that you love the look of and fits your budget.

Vinyl Vs. Fiber Cement

Without question, vinyl siding is the most popular siding type. It’s affordable and today’s products look more like real wood than ever before. Plus, some vinyl siding has built in insulation, or R-value, which will help with your home’s heating and cooling costs

Fiber cement siding and vinyl siding have a few things in common. Both offer the benefit of very little maintenance. Rinsing them off once or twice a year is about all you’ll need to do. You won’t need to worry about pest infestations with either product. They both also look great and come in many colors and styles.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of fiber cement siding over vinyl siding is that it stands up to wind and hail unlike just about any other siding material. It won’t dent from hail or the errant baseball hit into the side of the home. You’ll also find that it comes in vertical and horizontal styles that are easily mixed and matched. Plus, it lasts longer than other siding materials.

What is the Best Replacement Siding?

That depends. We believe that James Hardie™ fiber cement siding is the best. That’s why it’s the number one product we sell and install. And, we’ve taken the time to learn the proper installation methods so that your home is protected as it should be with new siding.

Perhaps the easiest answer to the question What is the best replacement siding? is to find a siding that you love the look of and make sure that you have a qualified installer who knows how to install that type and brand of siding. No siding can do its job if it’s not properly installed.

Affordable Replacement Window Systems is more than just a window company. We proudly sell and install James Hardie products to give your home the best protection from the elements. When you combine new siding with ENERGY STAR® replacement windows, you’ll find that you’re saving every month on your heating and cooling costs. Find out more about replacement siding and windows from Affordable Replacement Windows Systems by calling (817) 264-6509 or texting us by clicking on the text us now icon.

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