Now that you’ve decided to refresh your home’s exterior with James Hardie® Siding, how do you choose the right siding color? There are no hard and fast rules but we have some suggestions to help you love the look of your home. Of course, your siding company can give you their opinion. Keep in mind that the first place you should start is with your HOA if you have one. They may have a list of approved colors. If you get to choose your home’s exterior color scheme, here are some suggestions.

Start By Looking Around

Much like we advised in our blog about choosing window color, you should stand outside and look around. You don’t want to pick a color that will make your house look exactly like one next to or across the street from yours. Also, you don’t want your home to stand out like a sore thumb and not fit in with the overall look of the neighborhood.

Once you have an idea of what general colors will work, look at the elements of your home that aren’t easily changed. Things like your roof, windows, gutters, stone, or other elements that you’re not planning on changing in the near future. You want your siding color to compliment those elements so your home has a harmonious look. Lastly, if you have a beautiful garden, flowering bushes, or other landscaping that you want to highlight, avoid colors that would cause it to blend in.

Dark, Light, Neutral? What’s Best?

James Hardie® siding is available in 28 colors in the Dallas Metroplex ranging from whites, to pinks, to blues. Choosing the right color or color combination can be frustrating but here are a few tips to make it easier:

  • Start by eliminating colors you don’t want or that are the same as your neighbor’s.
  • Look at the remaining colors, discard those that are the same color family as other non-changeable elements of your home. For example, if you have a dark brown roof, eliminate the dark browns.
  • Look at the elements on your home that the siding will be up against, further eliminate any colors that won’t work with those parts of your home.

Now you should be down a just a handful of colors. Once you’re this far you can talk to your siding company and use the color tool on the James Hardie® website. There are many different style homes you can use to try out the siding color or color combination you’re considering. Once you have a plan, your siding company can help you fine tune or give you a final estimate for your new siding. Affordable Replacement Window Systems is experienced in helping homeowners remake their home’s exterior. Call us today to get started with your new James Hardie® siding at (817) 264-6509.

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