Many people love the idea of replacing their single hung windows with casement windows. They want the more expansive view, the increased air flow and the ability to leave the windows open slightly in the rain. However, one reasons some homeowner hesitate is because they don’t know how to arrange their casement windows in their home’s existing window openings. After all, casement windows open to the side rather than going up and down. Here are some tips to help you and your window company perfectly arrange your new casement windows.

Single Window

If you have just one window opening that you’re looking to add a casement window, consider the most common wind direction if you like having your windows open on nice days. The casement window can catch the breeze and funnel the air into your home if you choose the best opening direction. Also consider where the window is located in the room. If it’s in a corner place the hinge toward the corner for best aesthetics.

Double Window

If you have two windows next to each other that you’re replacing with casement windows, the ideal configuration is to place the hinges on the outside of the window. This maximizes the air flow into the room and looks best when open.

Three Windows

You have some options if you have three windows together. First, is to have a fixed center window with the outside windows each hinged on their outside edge. If you want all to open, you’ll likely want them to be hinged on the same side. When open, this looks best. However, you can open two facing each other and the third one the same as the one next to it if you’re looking to maximize air flow.

Four or More Windows

Rarely do we see four or more windows together except in a bay or bow window. A good rule of thumb is to pair the sets and hinge them on the outer side. If you have an odd number, consider a fixed middle window and place the hinges of the other windows on their outside edges.

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