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You’re not going to love the answer to this question, it’s never a simple yes or no. It really depends on the break and the window. If your windows are relatively new, your best bet is to contact your replacement window company. They will know if your window is under warranty against any sort of breakage. They’ll likely ask you some questions about the break. The more details you can provide, the better they will be able to answer the questions about whether you need a replacement window or if there is another solution.

When Glass Can be Replaced

The easiest situation for replacing the glass is in an older single pane window. It requires some careful work but you can do it yourself or call a window repair company. It’s a matter of removing the caulk that holds the glass in and inserting new glass and re-caulking.

There are times with multi-pane windows can have replacement glass. However, you never want to do this yourself, especially if you have any sort of warranty on your window. Some window manufacturers offer insulated glass units (IGU) to replace broken panes. This is best done by your replacement window company so your warranty remains in effect.

When It’s Better to Replace the Window

There are times when it’s better to replace the window. If your windows are nearing the end of their useful life, don’t fit in the window frame, or don’t work well, you might want to replace the entire window. In the long run this will end up saving you money. Depending on how many windows you replace while you’re replacing the broken one, you may also find that your home is more energy-efficient and comfortable.

Another sign it’s time to replace the entire window is when the muntin or dividers in the window are broken. Of course, if you have wood windows and they’re rotting, you should replace them. They can be a danger to your home and family.

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