new construction windows Whether you’re buying a new construction home or working with a contractor on an addition, your windows are a big feature. Although some builders may claim they have the right solution, they really may just be using the windows they get the best deal on. Here are some tips for new construction windows you should discuss with your builder or contractor.

Window Style

Many builders use single hung windows for all their new construction windows. This is because they are the least expensive type of window. However, they aren’t the only or best option. Talk to your builder and decide what’s right for your needs. Double hung windows offer the benefits of being able to open top down or bottom up and easy tilt in cleaning. Sliding and casement windows are easier to open and close over a sink or built in.


If you like to have windows open for fresh air when weather allows, look at each room carefully before finalizing a plan. Adding a window before construction begins is much less than adding a window after a home or room is completed. Anytime you can have two windows in each room, you’ll have better air flow.

The Glass

New construction windows come in many options including different glass options. One of the biggest considerations that contractors don’t think about is that on south and west facing windows, more sun comes in during the day. Choosing a window with tinting can reduce the solar heat gain in your home.


As you’re planning your home or room addition, think about furniture placement. If it’s a bedroom, make sure the windows are far enough apart that a bed can fit in between. If you’re in a room where a couch will be against the wall, make sure the windows are high enough off the floor to accommodate the couch. These are little things that your architect may not considered because they don’t always know your plans for the space.

If you want to work with a window company who can help you and your builder with new construction windows, call Affordable Replacement Window Systems. We will help you plan where your windows should go and we’ll guide you to the best style, size and glass options for your budget and home. Call (817) 264-6509 or fill out our contact form today.

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