right replacement window materialWhen you begin looking at replacement windows, you’ll likely look at different frame materials, glass options, and styles. Although the NFRA gives you a good idea about energy efficiency, allowing you to easily compare each window’s energy efficient rating to one another, that doesn’t always tell you about the frame. Different manufacturers offer different frame materials, each with their own benefits. If you’re wondering which replacement window material is best, here are some facts that may help.

Wood Windows

Wood is a popular choice for homeowners who want to stick with a traditional window. However, they have many drawbacks. They’re almost always among the more expensive window frame materials and require the most maintenance. You’ll have to scrape and paint wood windows regularly. They do give you the benefit of being able to easily change the look of your home by changing the color of your windows, both inside and outside.

Fiberglass Windows

Second to wood in cost, but very strong. Fiberglass windows are among the strongest windows on the market. The come in many pre-finished colors but also can be painted, giving you many finish options. They also have a look more like wood windows than vinyl or aluminum. Although fiberglass windows cost more than vinyl, they often provide a greater resale value than other popular replacement window materials.

Vinyl Windows

The most popular replacement window material is, by far, vinyl. It’s reasonably prices, it comes in many colors, and it lasts without much maintenance. Like fiberglass it provides excellent thermal resistance, meaning the sun doesn’t heat the frame causing the inside of your home to be warm because of the frame material. Most homeowners choose vinyl replacement windows for the cost, looks, and low maintenance.

Aluminum Windows

Although once a popular choice as both a new construction and replacement window material, aluminum is not a common option anymore. It is about the same cost as vinyl without the benefit of multiple color options. It also transfers heat more than other window materials.

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