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Bay windows can really enhance a room. You may want to add a window bench for reading or just a space for plants. Some pet lovers include room for their furry family members. For others, the benefits of bay windows are the increased light and increased space in the room.

Beauty of Bay Windows

Bay windows can add more space to your home or just the appearance of more space. A bay window is made up of three windows  with the two outer windows set at an angle. Often homeowners choose grid-less window panes to maximize the view or light. Anytime you let more natural light into a room, it feels bigger. What differs in brands and styles are how big of an additional space the new window provides.

There are a few installation options. Once you choose the height of the windows you can choose the best installation. Some homeowners add actual floor space completely opening the room floor to ceiling even if the window is only part of the space. More commonly, the bay window opening is only the size of the window itself. Your window installation company will then frame the entire window in your wall. Depending upon the depth of the opening the support for the shelf or bench may vary.

Bay Window Issues

Some homeowners want their bay window removed due to structural issues. When any style windows isn’t installed properly it can develop issues. Because of the style of the window, issues are much more apparent. When you choose an experienced window installation company like Affordable Replacement Window Systems, you shouldn’t have issues. Because we only use quality manufacturers and we are a window company, not just a handyman or roofer who installs windows, we know the proper techniques for building out a bay window.

Of course, investing in a bay window is a bit more expensive than a traditional single hung or picture window but the many benefits are worth it. If you’d like to know about installing a new bay window in your home, we’re happy to provide a no obligation consultation. Give us a call today at (817) 264-6509 and we’ll set up a time to visit and discuss what you’re looking for in your new bay window.

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