summer storms arlington txAs the atmosphere fires up and we start experiencing those strong summer storms, the last thing you want is to have storm damage to your home. There are some steps you can take now to help prevent storm damage.

Visually Inspect Your Home

Take a walk around your house and look at all the elements that make up your home’s exterior. Start with the roof and work your way down. Note any missing shingles or any that appear to be curled or out of alignment. Check that your gutters are securely attached to the side of your home and that the downspouts funnel the water away from your foundation. If you have issues with either, you’ll need to call a roofing contractor for repair.

Next, look at your siding. Make sure it is attached to the home and that no boards or vinyl have come loose. Look for cracks or breaks too. Anytime there is a point of entry for bugs or critters they will get in. Wind driven rain can find the smallest of entry points causing big damage. Multiple issues may signal that it’s time for new siding.

Lastly, look at your windows. Window maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult but needs to be done at least once a year. Make sure that the caulk around the windows is not torn or dried out. Caulk seals your window keeping water and pests out. Check your screens in case you want to open your windows. Torn screens are easily repaired or replaced.

Trees and Shrubs

Tree branches can damage your home in several ways. When a branch or its leaves rub on your roof or siding, it adds stress and accelerates the aging of your home’s exterior. Take the time to trim branches away from your home. Large limbs that overhang your house should also be cut to avoid them crashing down on your home during a strong storm.

All of these small tasks cut down on the risk of storm damage to your home’s exterior. If you’ve already experienced storm damage and need replacement siding or new windows, contact Affordable Replacement Window Systems. We can help get the exterior of your home looking great again. Call (817) 264-6509 for your no obligation estimate today.

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