Any window style, including casement and sliding windows all vary in quality. They vary in energy efficiency too. However, when comparing like windows, we believe that double hung replacement windows have several advantages that make them better than single hung windows. That’s why we often recommend double hung windows for clients replacing windows and trying to choose between single and double hung options.

Double Hung Window Advantages

If you look at a single and double hung window from the outside of someone’s home, you won’t be able to tell the difference. However, as the homeowner, here are the advantages you’ll enjoy if you choose the double hung option over the single hung.

  1. Better air flow – This is especially important in rooms with just a single window. Although we don’t often keep our windows open in the DFW Metro area, when we want to open them, a double hung window allows you to open the top sash slightly and the bottom sash slightly so air can come in and go out of the same window.
  2. Easy cleaning – No one likes cleaning windows or paying someone to do so. With double hung replacement windows, you simply tilt in the top and bottom sash and clean the outside. No more climbing ladders. No more paying someone to clean them for you.
  3. Added level of safety – If you have little ones, you may be concerned with them leaning into an open window screen and falling out. With double hung windows, when you want the window open, simply lower the top sash and enjoy the fresh air without worry. Opening from the top down also allows you to leave the windows open overnight or when you’re not home with less concern of someone simply climbing into your home.

Justifying the Additional Cost

Not only do double hung replacement windows cost more from the manufacturer, but they take a bit more time to install which is why they cost more. However, when you consider the better air flow, which can mean less reliance on our air conditioning. and never having to pay someone to clean your windows again, you’ll quickly begin to see the additional cost is worth it. There’s no way to put a price tag on peace of mind with the added safety benefit. When it’s time to sell your home, you will find that the return on investment of a double hung window is higher than that of a single hung window.

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