Vinyl windows came on the market in the 1950’s as an alternative to wood windows. They grew in popularity in the 70’s. Now they’re the most popular option for both new construction windows and replacement windows. However, like so many things in and around our homes, newer windows are vastly improved in many ways over older ones.

Smaller Frames = Better Views

Early windows made from vinyl had large sashes and frames which decreased the actual window pane size. Because of improvements in technology, the amount of vinyl used in each window is significantly less than those made 15 or more years ago. This is because newer products are significantly stronger than older ones. It also means larger windows are available.

Greater Energy Efficiency

There are many elements that go into an energy efficient window. The frame is just one of them. Several elements make today’s more energy efficient. They include welded frames (be careful, not all windows have welded frames) and insulation in the frame. The National Fenestration Rating Council® window sticker will help you know its energy efficiency.


Vinyl replacement windows are among the most affordable windows on the market, which is just one reason they’re the most popular replacement windows. That also makes them the window of choice of most builders today.


Although few people buy windows and wonder what will happen to them when they need replacing, today’s windows made with vinyl are nearly completely recyclable. However, we don’t recommend buying replacement windows that are made with partially recycled vinyl. Always choose windows made with virgin vinyl if you want the best quality and appearance for your new windows.

Countless Options

You can find vinyl windows in many styles including:

  • Single or double hung
  • Picture
  • Casement
  • Sliding
  • Transom

You’ll also find that the color options are limitless. Although black vinyl replacement windows are the most popular today, different manufacturers offer different standard colors. Some even offer custom color vinyl windows.

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