energy efficient windows

There’s lots of talk about energy efficient homes and saving money with energy efficient or ENERGY STAR® rated products. Your windows are just one piece of the energy efficient puzzle but they’re a big piece. If you have older windows that are drafty or don’t function well, here are some things to know about energy efficient windows.

  1. Energy efficient windows save the average Dallas area homeowner $300 per year over older single pane windows.
  2. Vinyl windows with energy-efficient glass reduces the heat and cold that gets into your home making your home more comfortable.
  3. Windows older than 20 years that were once classified as energy-efficient, are no longer so.
  4. Low-E glass makes a difference by reducing UV rays that come into your home.
  5. Only windows with the ENERGY STAR® designation are energy-efficient, but there are different levels of efficiency.

How Can I Tell if My Windows Are Energy Efficient?

The US Department of Energy states that up to 30% of energy loss can be through inefficient windows and doors. There are a few ways you can tell if yours are inefficient. Did you feel a draft this past winter as you walked by your windows? That’s a sign that your windows aren’t well sealed. If you have single pane windows you’ll also benefit from replacement windows. If your windows are more than 20 years old, they aren’t efficient.

Why Does It Matter?

No one likes seeing their electric bill in the summer. Although energy efficient windows won’t cut it in half, you will see substantial changes in your energy consumption all year. Many people understand that as their roof, air conditioner, and appliances age, they need to be replaced. Windows are the same. They age, seals and weather stripping wear out. They may also stop operating well. You may or may not notice increased cold or warm air in the areas around your windows but that’s just one sign they’re not doing their job.

If you’ve noticed increasing electrical usage, your windows may be to blame, especially if they’re over 20 years old. Proper maintenance does help your windows last longer, but like anything else, there comes a time when it’s best to replace them. When it’s time to investigate energy efficient windows for your home, contact Affordable Replacement Window Systems at (817) 264-6509. We offer leading brands of energy efficient windows made for our climate.

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