Are the windows on your home starting to look a little outdated? Do you notice that there are some rooms in your house that are significantly hotter than other rooms? It could be your windows to blame. Many homes with older windows are suffering from wasted energy in the form of excessive heating or cooling costs and you may not even be aware that it’s happening. Before you pay those high air conditioning bills for another summer, consider how new windows in Arlington, TX can boost your home’s efficiency and save you money.

Reducing Heat Transfer

Older windows are often single-pane, and probably don’t have the technology that today’s windows have to reduce the amount of heat that gets through. Living in Texas, that means the hot air outside in the summer months is slowly seeping through your windows. It might also mean that sunlight is coming through and heating up the house as well. Both of these things combined mean your air conditioning has to work overtime to keep the house comfortable. Replacement windows in Arlington come with better U-values and solar heat gain coefficients, both of which reduce this problem.

Eliminating Drafts

Drafty windows can also be an issue if your home hasn’t gotten replacement windows in Arlington in several decades. While most people think drafty windows are more of an issue with cold air, hot air can easily seep through cracks in the window frames and around the glass and increase the temperature in your home. You can generally find a draft by checking the temperature of your rooms—if one is hotter than the others, the window could be to blame.

Protecting Appliances

Your air conditioning has a big task to accomplish to keep your Arlington, TX home cool every summer when temperatures peak. Poor quality windows might actually be working your AC to death, and an early demise means you’ll have to fork over the cash to replace it sooner than you should. Getting replacement windows in Arlington can help prolong the life of your air conditioner so it keeps working for many years to come.

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