We all know that technology has changed significantly in the past decade or two. Not only electronic technology, but also various things in your home. One of those are your windows. When you compare your current windows with new energy efficient windows, new windows can make a significant difference in your home in three primary ways, all of which contribute to electric bills.

1.     Reduced Heat Transfer

Because energy, in this example in the form of heat, moves from warm surfaces toward a cooler surface, when sunlight (or even the hot summer air) hits your windows and heats the pane of glass, the heat moves to the cooler air in your home. Energy efficient windows help reduce heat transfer with dual pane glass and insulated window frames. Low-E glass also reduces the amount of heat transferred through your glass. Additionally, vinyl windows have less heat transferance than metal windows so if you’re replacing metal windows with vinyl, you’ll have that added benefit.

2.     Fewer Drafts

Older windows are more drafty than new windows. This is again, due to advances in technology, this time in both manufacturing and materials. If one room is significantly warmer in the summer or cooler in the winter than another and they’re both exposed to the same sunlight, chances are good your windows are to blame. With new energy efficient windows, your home will be better sealed.

3.     Longer HVAC System Life

The more your HVAC system runs, the shorter its life will be. When your windows reduce heat transfer and aren’t drafty, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard. Of course, you’ll have the added benefit of being more comfortable and having lower utility bills.

Affordable Replacement Window Systems offers several brands and styles of energy efficient replacement windows for your home. We’ll help you understand the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) window sticker so you can choose a window line that meets your goal for a more energy efficient home and your budget.

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