Although double-hung windows continue to be the most common choice for homeowners installing replacement windows, casement windows continue to grow in popularity. If you’re wondering if you should consider casement windows, here are three reasons you may want to choose them over other options.

More Expansive View and Better Ventilation

If your home has nice views, the bar in the middle of a single or double-hung window blocks part of your view. When you open a window from the bottom up, as most homeowners do with single hung windows, the bottom of the sash blocks even more of your view. Casement windows open from the side. That means you have an unobstructed view, even when open. And when you open the window fully, the entire area allows for air flow unlike single and double-hung windows where you’re still blocking at least half the window opening.

Most Energy Efficient of All Opening Windows

Because they are one essentially one pane, they have few leak points for air. A similarly constructed casement window is more energy efficient than a single or double-hung window. And, when they’re closed, they’re more air tight than many other window types.

Easy to Open, Close and Clean

Rather than reaching and pushing a window up or down, a casement window operates with a simple and small hand crank at the bottom of the window. Casement windows are ideal when you have windows over bookshelves, the kitchen sink or another area where it’s hard to reach and push the window up or down.

Rather than tilting in and holding the window to clean it as you may have to with your current windows, simply clean the inside of the window when closed and open to clean the outside. No ladders necessary.

Why Casement Windows Aren’t the Primary Replacement Window Option

With all these benefits, you may wonder why casement windows aren’t the replacement window of choice (or even in new construction). Some of the reason comes down to cost. Another reason is what people are use to. With single hung windows being the most common options, it’s what many people expect. However, if you’re considering replacement windows, talk to your window company about casement windows and why they may be right for your home.

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