If you are thinking about purchasing new windows for your home in Arlington, TX it’s important that you understand the window buying process, and all the jargon and terms that you might hear during the process. Most homebuyers can count the number of times they have replaced windows on one hand, which means even if you have done it before you might need to brush up on your knowledge. Here are three key terms you should know going into the buying process.

1: National Fenestration Ratings Council® (NFRC) & ENERGY STAR®

The NFRC® is a non-profit organization that certifies the performance of windows and evaluates how much the window will be able to block out heat using insulation measurements, reported as the “U-factor” (see below for more on this value). This company provides a standardized method to compare different windows across manufacturers and get an idea of how they measure up to one another. ENERGY STAR® is a label that indicates windows meet minimum government standards for providing insulation in the climate or region where they are sold. It can also indicate a window that provides enough energy savings to save you money.

2: U-Factor

This provides buyers with a way to measure the amount of heat transfer through a window, including the window frame, the sash, and the glass. It’s expressed as a decimal between 0 and 1, and the lower the U-factor, the more it prevents heat loss. That means it will keep your home warmer during the winters without needing to turn up your furnace. If you’re planning to get replacement windows in Arlington, TX it’s worthwhile to investigate and find the right U-factor for your climate.

3: Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

You may have noticed that when the hot Texas sun is beating down through your windows it can quickly heat up the room. Over time this solar heat can also start to cause furniture and carpet to fade. By investigating the SHGC of the windows you are planning to purchase, you can reduce solar energy entering your home through the window, lowering your air conditioning costs during the summer and helping to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your furniture.

A window replacement contractor in Arlington can also help advise you on the different values that are ideal for the area, and help you choose the new windows that will give you the best value and return on investment.

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