There is a misconception that whatever type of window you have in your home currently is the type you have to use when you get replacement windows. Although there are times when a particular style window makes sense, you don’t have to replace yours with the same. Once homeowners understand they have options, they often look at sliding and casement windows.

Consider Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a great option if you want a relatively unobstructed view. They’re also a great option when you want good airflow through a home. Most manufacturers do have size limitations for their sliding windows. Generally, if your window openings are wider than they are tall sliding windows are a good option. They may also be good when you have multiple windows in a row. Just like any other type of replacement windows, they’re available in different window materials and colors.

Consider Casement Windows

Casement windows also offer a more unobstructed view than single hung windows. And, they are a great option when you have a hard time pushing up a window because of a sink, bookshelf or other built-in beneath the window. We also think they’re great for people who like their windows open as you can direct the airflow. Another benefit is that when they’re closed, they’re among the most energy efficient windows as they have little air leakage compared to similarly designed windows. One drawback some homeowners find with casement windows, however, is that the screen is inside the home.


When budget is a factor, and you know you don’t want single hung windows, consider sliding windows. They are more expensive than single hung, but less than double hung. Both are more expensive than single hung windows. Casement windows tend to be close in price, but often more than, double hung windows. Of course, if you have a window style you want, your window company should be able to help you find a quality window in your budget.

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