We understand that replacing windows is a process that requires time and money. Even when you find a company like ours with quality affordable windows, you’re looking at a significant investment.  Because of the cost involved, many homeowners consider replacing their windows in stages. There are times that is unavoidable, however, it’s rarely our recommendation. Here are a few reasons why.

Overall Better Value

The biggest reason we recommend replacing all your windows at once is that it is a better value for you. We can charge you less per window when we only have to send a crew to your home once. And, with inflation being what it is these days, windows aren’t going to get any cheaper. Today they are as affordable windows as they’re going to be. If you also consider the cost savings of having a more efficient home, replacing all your windows will lower your overall heating and cooling costs. This adds value to your home.

More Cohesive Appearance

Curb appeal matters, even if you’re not selling your home. When you buy new windows today, you’re not guaranteed that the color and style you choose will be available years from now. Although manufacturers tend to keep their products similar, they do make changes from time to time. Plus, although vinyl windows don’t fade much, the vinyl itself may have different lot numbers which could lead to slight variations in colored vinyl replacement windows.

Less Stressful on You

When you choose to replace your windows in stages, you have a windows replacement company in your home multiple times. That can mean additional disruption to your normal routine. All new windows come with the peace of mind that a new window warranty brings. And, of course, you know that all your windows work properly and are helping keep your home comfortable all year round.

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Although we’ll recommend that you replace your windows all at once, we can replace as many windows at once as you would like to. Our estimates are always free and we sell and install only quality affordable windows, many of which are locally made in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Call or text us today at (817) 264-6509 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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