If you’re considering new windows for your home but also want a big change, consider a window wall. They are a perfect way to make a room brighter and feel bigger. And don’t feel like you have to have the perfect view to add this feature to your home.

What is a Window Wall?

Simply put, it is any wall in your home that has more window than wall. The windows can also be sliding glass doors, the key is that you get a lot of light and an expansive view. If you choose windows instead of a sliding glass door, you want them to be as tall as possible, if not floor to ceiling.

Why Consider This Change

One of the biggest reasons people choose a window wall is for more natural light. Natural light offers many benefits from increasing mood and energy to making the room itself feel bigger. If you happen to have a view you want to see more of, a window wall helps with that. It can also be a great feature wall in your home that you can use as a backdrop to your furnishing and décor. If you wish you had a sunroom but don’t have the space or finances for a room addition, a window wall can be the perfect way to get the feel without the expense.

Best Window Options

Because the purpose of a window wall is to bring in light and have a great view, you want windows with few obstructions. Picture windows are an obvious choice but lack the ability to open. If you want both a view and fresh air, consider casement windows or sliding windows. Another option is a picture window with transom windows above the picture window. This allows you to open the transom window with the most expansive view where you want to look.

Affordable Replacement Window Systems Can Help

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