Whether you chose an experienced window company to install your new windows or went the DIY route, you want them to last. There are times when we’ve come out after another replacement window company installed windows and replaced them all too soon. If you’re looking to avoid such an expense and the frustration that comes along with that, here are some things you should do.

Maintain Your Windows

Your window company likely told you that your new windows were low maintenance, which is likely true. However, low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. Although many homeowners wash the window panes, they neglect the sills and tracks. Keeping the window sills and tracks clean help with smooth operation. We recommend cleaning the entire window at least twice a year.

Know & Remember How to Properly Operate Your Windows

We all know how to open and close a window. However, what we found, as an experienced window company, is that some people forget that their new windows open and close more easily. And, as a result, they either break the glass by slamming them shut or cause damage that isn’t immediately visible. Often slamming a window closed can damage the window’s seal which will lead to condensation between the glass panes.

Report Damage Right Away

If you damage your windows or notice something isn’t as it should be, contact the window company who installed the window. They may refer you to the manufacturer to utilize your warranty or they may want to check to determine if there was an installation issue. If you used an experienced window company who uses quality brands, fixing the problem or replacing the window shouldn’t be an issue. Although it’s rare that a window fails on its own, it does happen.

Looking for an Experienced Window Company?

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