In our last blog we suggested you look at the pros and cons of the different window materials popular today. We hinted at the fact that even once you know what material you want, you should make sure that it’s installed by the best window contractor or you may not be happy with your windows in the long term. But, other than asking neighbors who they recommend, how do you find the right window contractor?

Stay Local

What good is it if you find the best window contractor and then have to wait until they’re “in your area” for a quote and eventually installation. Or, worse, are a national brand who decides to set up an office in the area but then closes down shortly after yours are installed? You want a locally owned and operated window company who has a long history in the area. Although this won’t ensure they don’t go out of business, it lessens the likelihood.

Price Shouldn’t Be the Deciding Factor

That may sound funny coming from a company with affordable in their name. However, as you compare quotes, keep in mind that there are many elements that go into the price of both the window and the installation. For example, make sure that the window company you choose includes removal and disposal of your old windows in their quote. Although most window companies do, don’t get caught with a disposal bill at the end of the job.

Additionally, compare the following about the windows and window company you’re considering:

  • Window manufacturer’s warranty
  • Installation/workmanship warranty from the window company
  • Overall window energy efficiency
  • Quality of the manufacturing of the window

Even a small difference in one of those elements can make a difference in the quote.

Insurance Coverage

Whether you’re looking for the best window contractor or the best siding contractor or another type of contractor all together, make sure they have insurance. There are two types to ask about; workman’s compensation and liability. Don’t hire any type of contractor that doesn’t have both. The insurance protects you, your home and your property (and that of your neighbors) while they’re doing work on your home.

Trust Affordable Replacement Window Systems

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