New siding comes in many different options. One of the latest trends is the increase in homeowners who choose vertical siding over traditional horizontal siding. Vertical siding has been around for a long time, but, not commercially available like it is today. If you’re considering new siding and wondering about this option, here are a few things you should know.

It is More Expensive

Most of the added expense is in the installation. Your siding company may spend twice as long installing vertical siding because before the siding goes in, furring strips are installed. The vertical siding attaches to furring strips for secure and even installation.

Mixing Styles is Acceptable

If you want a home that stands out from the rest in your neighborhood, consider using different siding styles. When replacing siding, it’s common to create a new look for your home. You’ll find that it will increase your curb appeal.

Vertical Siding is Less Prone to Leaks

This surprises many homeowners; however, overall vertical is more durable than horizontal siding. This is because horizontal siding is more prone to leaks than vertical. Vertical siding has fewer entry points for water. One of the reasons is that the vertical panels can’t be impacted by wind driven rain the way horizontal siding can.

What About Maintenance?

Maintenance is much more dependent on the material you choose. For example, wood requires frequent painting and staining. Vinyl may require pressure washing. Fiber cement siding requires little maintenance and either vertical or horizontal are excellent options when you choose a quality product like James Hardie™ siding.

Of course, the siding installation company makes a difference as well. You want to work with a company experienced in both the installation and planning of your home remodel. Affordable Replacement Window Systems also installs quality James Hardie siding in any of their many styles and options. Many of the installations we perform include a combination of styles and colors for a truly exquisite exterior. If you’d like to talk to us about new siding or new windows or both, call or text us at (817) 264-6509 or fill out our contact form today. We offer free estimates.

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