Most people know that replacement windows are a great way to increase their home’s energy efficiency. They also know that new windows can improve their home’s curb appeal. However, there are many times homeowners call us looking for replacement window information because there is so much contradictory information on the internet. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How Long Will the Replacement Process Take?

It really depends on how many windows you have. However, when we replace your windows, we do them room by room so that we only remove the windows a few at a time. This helps prevent your home from being exposed to the elements more than necessary. You can plan on a whole house taking a day or two from start to finish.

What is Low-E Glass?

In short, Low-E glass is glass that lessens the effects of solar energy on your home. Although, in truth, it’s a coating on the glass, not a special glass. Primarily it reflects the sun’s rays without blocking the sunlight. It also helps prevent fading of things inside your home. For a more detailed explanation, click here.

Why Are Vinyl Replacement Windows Popular?

There is a lot of vinyl replacement window information that varies by manufacturer. When you choose a quality vinyl replacement window, you’ll have an energy efficient, strong and durable replacement window. Homeowners love the fact that they’re as close to maintenance free as a window can get. Another benefit is they come in many fade resistant colors including custom colors.

Who Should I Call for a Quote?

Here’s where we’re going to give you a biased answer – you should call Affordable Replacement Window Systems. We offer quality, vinyl replacement windows at a fair price – no gimmicks, no here today, gone tomorrow pricing. And, we’ll provide you the replacement window information you want clearly and accurately. Call or text us today at (817) 264-6509 or fill out our contact form.

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