There are plenty of companies who will sell you new windows in Dallas. So how do you know which one or ones to call? What questions do you ask? Which brand and style windows should you consider for your home? Without a little knowledge going into the window buying process, you could end up with something you thought was right for your home but that you don’t end up loving in the long run. Our first piece of advice is to remember that you have options. Many of them. Don’t make these mistakes.

1.      Choosing the Wrong Window Brand or Material

Although many people think that the brand of window is the most important factor, it really isn’t. It is far more important to check that the brand or brands that you’re considering are quality, have a good reputation/warranty and a long history. Then you’ll need to decide what material to consider. Many Arlington and Dallas area homes have metal windows. They’re not the most energy efficient or best option today. The most popular material for new windows in Dallas is vinyl. Vinyl windows last a long time, are energy efficient, and most of all, affordable. However, if you’re in a historic home, you may want to look into clad windows.

2.      Failing to Understand the Window Style

The most common window style is a single hung window. The bottom sash opens upward. It’s most common because it’s the cheapest window style for a builder to use in their construction. Although it’s still the most affordable option, it’s not always the best option. Double-hung windows are the most popular style for new windows in Dallas. Both the upper and lower sash move which provides greater air-flow, as well as many other benefits. Second most popular is the casement window. It opens using a hand crank from inside the home.

3.      Only Considering National Window Companies

We get that it’s easy to gravitate toward a name or brand you know, however, when it comes to new windows in Dallas, that’s not always the best option. National brands have higher price tags without better features or functionality to justify the price. In fact, if you’re comparing the windows you’re considering by looking at their ratings from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), you should be. The benefit of an independent window company is that they can sell the brands they believe in. They aren’t tied to a particular manufacturer.

4.      Not Calling Affordable Replacement Window Systems

We’re one of the most established and reputable companies to call for new windows in Dallas. We’re locally owned and operated and an independent window company. We sell several brands of windows which provide our customers with choices as far as material, style and other options. Call or text us today for your free in-home consultation and estimate – (817) 264-6509.

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