When you begin looking at replacement windows, you’ll realize you have a lot of decisions to make. One of which is the color of your window frames. As you choose traditional white, contemporary off-white, or a modern custom interior window frame color, you’ll want to consider how’ they’ll look in your home and against your window trim both on the inside and outside.

Exterior Window Trim

Some window replacement companies will also replace your window trim when necessary. You’ll want to ask yours about their services and if yours will need replacing. Most exterior window trim coordinates to the other trim on your home so making a change in color on just your window trim may give your home an uncoordinated look so think carefully before making this sort of change.

Interior Window Trim

The frame around your windows is the window trim. In many homes it’s the same color as the baseboards, crown molding and doors. This gives your rooms a cohesive look. It’s often white or light in color and neutral. The benefit of white window trim is that it goes with any color window frame.

There are reasons and times to consider non-neutral options. For example, ff you have a large picture window and what to highlight the view, consider a dark or bold color window trim that acts as a picture frame around your window. Wood frame windows are best complimented by natural or stained wood trim. If you’ve chosen wood window frames, consider wood trim.

Frame Color

The availability of frame colors is set by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers offer just a few colors including white, a shade of tan, grey, brown, and black. Others have a wider color selection including custom color window frames. You’ll want to clarify if the color will be only on the interior, exterior or both before making your purchase. If you’re not changing your exterior window trim, make sure to look at how your window frame color will look in the trim. The frame material may also influence the color and if it can be painted or not.

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