Windows may not seem like something that have trends but they do. With the changing manufacturing technology and changing lifestyles, window preferences change too. The key to window trends in the coming year are color, function, and lines.


window trends white and stoneWood windows offer the flexibility of being able to paint them whatever color you want but the hassle of ongoing maintenance. Long popular aluminum windows came in various silver tones. Today’s vinyl windows are available in more colors than ever but the hottest trend for 2018 are black windows. It may sound extreme or even unimaginable to have a black hued window in your home but the contrast between black and white is a hot trend today. This is increasingly popular in homes emulating a farmhouse style.

If black won’t work for your home, consider a dark shade of tan or grey. You’ll be surprised at how some contrast on your home will change how it looks. Here are two homes with different color windows but virtually the same color brick. Window colors make a difference in the home’s appearance. The window on the left is white and the double window on the right is stone.


There’s nothing like having a window or glass door with multiple functions. Sliding glass doors, accordion doors, and pass through windows are increasing in popularity. The hottest trend in 2018 is one that continued from 2017, the pass through window. With many homes having patios and pool areas for entertaining, these windows provide a great way to pass food from the kitchen to the patio and back.


Clean lines remain popular. That means square and rectangular windows with minimal window grids. The homeowner in the picture on the right went to the extreme and choose no grids at all. Casement windows are a great way to have few lines and let a lot of light into the home. The frames of vinyl over older wood windows provide cleaner lines because the frames themselves are small than wood windows. Vinyl replacement windows have more grid options today than ever before.

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