If you’re planning on replacing your windows, you may think all you need to do is call a few window companies and get a quote and compare them. However, the more you know before meeting with the first window company, the happier you’ll be with your window replacement. Here are some tips from the experts about what you should know before you make that first phone call.

Understand Window Terms

There are many window terms that you may or may not be familiar with. The basics you’ll want to gain an understanding on are the following:

  • Window types – Single hung, double hung, casement, and sliding windows are among the most popular window types. If you understand those before your window replacement company comes for their sales pitch, you’ll be able to better steer the conversation toward what you want, not what the company gets the best commission on.
  • Glass options – There is single, double and triple pane glass which most people know. However, do you want Low-E glass? Laminated or shatter resistant glass? What about a patterned glass for a bathroom? Plus, there’s the option to fill the space between the glass with air or gas.
  • Muntins vs. Mullions – Fancy words that in today’s world really mean the same thing. Sometimes the more common term is window grid or window grille. Whatever you call them, they’re the pattern you can choose in your window.

National or Local Window Replacement Company

Although there are good and bad offices of both local and national companies, there are benefits to choosing a local window replacement company. First, they often carry multiple brands of windows that are either made locally or regionally for your climate. Second, you’ll likely get a better price for essentially the same energy-efficiency of that window because you’re not paying a whole C-level of employees or for a national advertising campaign. And, when you choose wisely by researching the company to ensure they have a good reputation and long history in the area, chances are good that they’ll be around for years more to honor the warranty.

Energy Performance Label

This label is on every window sold in the U.S. The information on it is determined by an independent third party the National Fenestration Rating Council® (NFRC). Understanding it will help you understand the energy-efficiency and other features of the window. Here is a link to a previous blog we wrote about the terms on label for more information.

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