Whether you have decades old windows or new windows, maintenance will help them not only look good, but do their job. As a replacement window company, we’ve seen many instances where if the homeowners had taken care of maintenance, they may not have had to replace their windows. Of course, when we install new windows, we make these recommendations too.

Keep Your Screens Clean

Clean window screens not only last longer but provide you with a better view. Plus, when they’re clean you’ll be able to more easily notice a small hole or tear. Keeping them in good condition will keep the bugs out and provide a level of safety, especially in homes with small children.

Inspect the Caulk

At least twice a year you should look at your window caulk. It should be a continuous bead around the entire window, both inside and out. When it’s cracked or broken, your home loses energy efficiency, which often negates the reason you bought new windows in the first place. However, much worse than air loss, you may also allow water in. Water damage to the frames holding the window can lead to significant repairs. Replacing the caulk is easy – if you don’t feel up to the job, don’t’ call a replacement window company, instead, call a handyman for caulking services.

Clean the Window Track

In order for your windows to open and close smoothly, the tracks or siderails should be cleaned and lubricated. Use a dry brush to remove any dirt and then wipe with a wet cloth with soap and water. Don’t forget the window sill as well. Too much dirt build up there may prevent the window from completely closing. Use only oil free lubricant if your windows aren’t opening and closing as smoothly as they once did.

Is it More Than Just Maintenance?

There comes a point when every window should be replaced. Homes settle and windows lose their shape. If you’re doing your regular inspection and wondering if this is the year that it’s time to call a replacement window company, don’t put it off. New windows are significantly more energy efficient than older windows and provide other benefits that just energy savings.

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