When you’re considering replacement windows, there’s no rule that says you have to choose the same size and style windows you currently have. If you’re looking to add light to the room, there are two ways to do this, by increasing window size and decreasing the material in your windows. Although increasing the height of your windows isn’t as easy as installing the same size replacement windows, it can be done.

Standard Window Height

In homes with eight foot ceilings, most windows are 48” high, although may be as short as 42”. Homes with nine foot ceilings may have windows from about 48” to 60”. Depending on what you’re looking to accomplish, your budget, and the construction of your home, your new windows may be able to be taller.

Custom Replacement Windows

When you choose custom replacement windows you need to keep a few things in mind regarding the height of the windows. First, if you’re changing the opening size, so you should work with an experienced professional replacement window installation company like Affordable Replacement Window Systems. They will know if your window opening has a header that is partially supporting that portion of your home. They will be able to properly frame in the new windows ensuring your home still has the stability it needs.

Next, consider the overall room. If the window is on the first floor, the recommendation is that the height of the window and the height of the door are the same. This creates a pleasing visual experience. If the windows are on an upper level, it’s recommended that you have 24” from the floor to the bottom of the window. Of course, that is just a general recommendation, not a hard and fast rule. If you have pets that want to look out the windows, go ahead and lower them to a height where they can see out. Lastly, consider your furniture. If your couch or bedside tables are going to block the window, it doesn’t make much sense to spend the extra money for taller windows.

The best way to plan your new windows is to work with a company like Affordable Replacement Window Systems. We have construction experience to enlarge a window opening properly. If you think you want custom replacement windows for your home, call us today at (817) 264-6509 to schedule your appointment.

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