If you’re considering new windows for your home, you may be wondering when is the right time. Great news! Spring is an ideal time to replace windows. Need a little convincing? Here are a few reasons we believe now is the best time to call us and schedule your free estimate.

1.      It’s Not Too Hot or Too Cold

If your major concern is having to reheat or cool your home while we’re replacing windows, now is one of the best times of year. Not only is the temperature ideal, but rain is more predictable. Once we get a bit warmer, our installers will have to work around pop up thunderstorms. Oh, and there are fewer bugs that may sneak in while one of the windows is out. Remember, we only remove one or two windows at a time no matter when we replace your windows so your home is exposed to the elements a little as possible any time of year.

2.      You’ll Start Saving Now

Once the heat and humidity set in, your HVAC system will start running a lot. The more it runs, the more your electric bill. Old windows are responsible for up to 30% of your heating or cooling loss. New windows will save you on your heating and cooling. The amount varies depending on the type of windows you currently have and what you choose in your new windows. Not only will you save on your utilities, but because your AC will be working less, it will last longer too.

3.      Curb Appeal

You may not think that your windows impact the overall curb appeal of your home, but they do. New windows can make your home look brighter and cleaner, especially when you choose a minimalistic grid option. Plus, when you choose double hung windows, you can more easily clean them which will help your home look great. And, if you have old wood windows, you’ll also have a nicer look inside your home.

4.      Other Benefits

Depending on what your main reasons are for new windows, you may find that when you replace windows in your home you see other benefits you hadn’t considered. One is less fading of carpets, furniture and drapes. Because new windows all have Low-E glass, UV light is filtered and you won’t have as much fading inside your home. Some people know that their current windows don’t fit well in the frame or that a sash is not secure which means that pests can find their way in. This won’t happen when you replace windows with us. One last benefit, and we know days when we want to have open windows are few and far between but, when you have new windows, you can open them and close them easily.

Affordable Replacement Window Systems can help you choose the right style windows for your home and find ones that work in your budget. Call or text us today to schedule your free replacement estimate at (817) 264-6509.

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