As a replacement window company, you may think that we’re just looking to make more money by recommending a more expensive product. However, we really do think that double-hung replacement windows are worth the extra money you’ll spend per window. The vast majority of our customers who upgrade their old single hung windows with double-hung windows agree. Here’s why.


Few jobs are more tedious and potentially more dangerous than cleaning windows. If you usually hire a company to clean your windows, you likely spend between $10 and $15 per window. According to, the average 2500 square foot home in the U.S. has 22 windows. That means that you’ll spend somewhere between $200 and $350 for a window cleaning. If you get your windows cleaned twice a year, it really adds up. With double-hung windows, you can safely clean the windows from inside your home, anytime you want, even if just one or two windows need cleaning. So much safer than climbing a ladder if you used to do it yourself.

Room Comfort

One of the best things about a double-hung window is the ability to open it from the top down and from the bottom up. So, if you have a room with just one window, you’re better able to have air flow. If you have a single-story home, you can open the top sash down slightly and, with window locks, have some greater level of security even with the windows open overnight.

Resale Value/Return on Investment

Double-hung replacement windows also bring a higher return on investment than single hung windows. Home buyers know that double-hung windows offer many advantages. Although the market today is a seller’s market, when you go to sell your home, the double-hung windows may be the reason a buyer chooses your home over another.

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