You may be wondering that very questions. Siding return on investment (ROI) depends on the type of siding you choose and where you are in the country. Since we’re based in the greater Dallas area, we’re going to use the data compiled in the 2022 Cost Vs. Value for the Dallas area. Vinyl siding has approximately a 45% ROI while fiber cement siding return on investment is 63%. However, you should look at more than just the actual return you may see when you sell the home.


Utility Cost Savings

There are several reasons homeowners with new siding find that their utility bills go down. First, older siding tends to have cracks and not be well-affixed to the home. When that happens, it’s easier for heat to get in or escape from the home. That leads to your HVAC system running more often which means higher utility bills. An added bonus is that when your HVAC doesn’t have to work as hard or run as frequently, you don’t have to replace it as quickly, leading to a lower annual operating cost.

Maintenance Savings

New fiber cement or vinyl siding doesn’t require painting. That means you don’t have to pay someone to paint your home or take the time to do it yourself. If you have older vinyl or aluminum siding that you’re constantly having to pay someone to repair, those expenses are gone too. Both options require little maintenance, in fact, they rarely require little more than an occasional rinse.

Other Benefits

Although neither of these is actually going to save you money, don’t discount their value. First, homeowners with new siding report their home feels more comfortable – there are fewer drafts and rooms that once never stayed a constant temperature now do so. Additionally, many homeowners quickly realize it’s quieter in their home with new siding.

Affordable Replacement Window Systems Replace Siding Too!

Remember siding return on investment isn’t just about how much more you can sell your home for. And, although siding isn’t in our name, we are a siding company too. In fact, many of our clients replace their siding and windows simultaneously and see a big savings in their utility costs. Let us know if you’re interested in just new siding or new windows or both and we’ll provide you with a free estimate. Call or text us today at (817) 264-6509 or fill out our contact form.

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