If you’ve been shopping for new windows for your home, you have likely heard or read about vinyl windows. Whether you need new windows for a custom build or an addition or replacement windows for your current home and space, vinyl windows are the most popular option. However, there are some disadvantages of vinyl windows that you should know about.

The Styling

Although there’s nothing actually wrong with the way vinyl windows look, if you currently have wood or clad windows in your home and are putting in an addition, vinyl windows won’t look the same. If you have a historic or period home we recommend clad windows or wood windows. There’s just no comparing the appearance of vinyl to wood windows.

Vinyl Can Fade, Warp and Sag

Granted, the paint on wood windows can also fade, however, you can paint wood and most clad windows. One of the disadvantages of vinyl windows is when they fade, there’s little you can do. With the heat in our area, they’re also more prone to warping or sagging as they age, especially larger windows and lower quality ones.


When the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) rates windows for energy-efficiency, they rate the energy-efficiency of the glass portion of the window. The frames aren’t always evaluated. Some window manufacturers do insulate their frames, which make them more energy efficient. However, no matter the insulation, a wood window always has less heat transference than vinyl, fiberglass or metal.

Why Vinyl if There Are Many Disadvantages of Vinyl Windows?

Because their advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Vinyl windows require virtually no maintenance. They are affordable and they come in many colors and styles. This makes them the number one choice for both new and replacement windows. Of course, you should only choose vinyl windows from reputable manufacturers and have them installed professionally.

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