As a window installation company, we often see missing or broken window screens when we perform our initial estimate for window replacement. Few homeowners realize that screens do more than just keep the bugs out. Here are a few of the benefits of well maintained window screens.

Curb Appeal

When your screens are in poor repair, people notice. A broken screen looks bad and decreases the look of your home. It reflects poorly on the overall maintenance of the home itself. If you’re considering selling your home or are getting an appraisal, fix your window screens.

Pest Control

Not just bugs but birds and rodents are kept out with functioning window screens. You may not open your windows because you know the screen is in disrepair but small creatures find the space between the screen and window a safe place to live. It’s often protected from the elements and slightly warmer in the winter. By keeping the screens in good repair, you won’t have pests living in your window sills.


If a screen has even the smallest of openings, a child may see it as an opportunity to throw something out or as something to grab and pull the screen in or push it out. Missing screens give an easy escape for cats who like to venture onto roofs. Protect your pets and children with good screens.

Keep Your Windows Cleaner

When your screens are kept clean, your windows are cleaner. Screens do a great job of collecting pollen, dust, and dirt from the outside. You should remove your screens and wash them annually. This will help keep your windows cleaner and let more light into your home. It also gives you the opportunity to do a thorough inspection of each screen and make repairs.

Energy Savings

Window screens provide a level of UV protection. That little bit of protection can help further reduce your cooling costs. Some advanced screen materials can reduce the heat transference further over standard screens. They are slightly more expensive but living in the Arlington, TX area, you may find the increased energy savings worth it if you need to replace the screens anyway.

Window screen repair is not hard or expensive. If your screens are beyond repair and don’t know the brand of windows you have, talk to your local home improvement store about replacement screens. If you think it’s time for both new windows and new screens, contact Affordable Window Replacement Systems and we’ll give you a no obligation quote on replacement windows – (817) 264-6509.

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