If you have windows on your home that are not vinyl or a similar low- to no-maintenance material, chances are you spend a lot of time, effort, and money trying to keep those windows looking good. The bad news is that no matter how much work you put in, they always seem to need more maintenance year after year. Instead of working so hard to keep your existing windows looking halfway decent, consider the benefits of not needing to do maintenance after getting vinyl replacement windows in Fort Worth, TX. Here’s what you could be missing out on.

1: Sealing, Painting, & Staining

Every year your wooden windows are subjected to heavy rains, high humidity, and punishing sunlight. Over time this takes a toll on wood, which will begin to rot and crack. If your windows are painted, the paint is likely to start peeling off as well. With vinyl replacement windows, the material in the frames will never rot or crack, which means you won’t need to spend all weekend sealing, painting, and staining the cracks.

2: Removing Scratches/Dents

Wood windows are also at risk of significant scratches and dents. Since they are on the outside of your home, wind can blow things into the house or small animals and rodents could chip away at the window sill, leaving you with scratches and dents that must be repaired to keep your home from looking dilapidated or run-down. Vinyl windows in Fort Worth are made of extremely strong material that is resistant to scratching and dents, which means you can rest assured that your home still looks great even after a big storm.

3: Repairing Insect or Water Damage

Wood windows are also susceptible to water seeping into the cracks and causing mold or mildew, which will rot away the wood over time. These small cracks can also become the home to several small insects or rodents looking for a warm place to make a home. Vinyl replacement windows don’t have any holes or openings, which means they aren’t a place where water or insects can find sanctuary.

If you’re tired of spending all your time repairing your old windows, talk to a replacement window contractor in Fort Worth about how you can get new windows that will improve energy efficiency, save money, and free up your Saturdays.

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