No matter what style window you decide on or what brand, all windows have glass, a frame, and if the window opens, a sash. Understanding the importance of those and how to choose the right window (and window installers) will help you end up with windows you love that also protect your home as they should.

Frame & Sash Materials

If you’re looking at replacing windows, you probably know that vinyl replacement windows are the most popular option today. However, they’re not the only option. They’re popular because they’re affordable, come in many styles and colors and last a long time. Other window materials include:

  • Aluminum – durable but limited color options
  • Wood – lots of maintenance but they look great
  • Wood clad – less maintenance on the exterior but limited colors on the exterior
  • Fiberglass – among the most expensive windows but durable and long lasting


The glass is one of the most important elements of any window. Choosing a window with Low-E glass is essential. It will not only reduce the heating from the sun by blocking UV rays but Low-E glass also helps protect your furnishings from fading. Double pane windows are the norm today. Never accept less than a double pane window as it will not be ENERGY STAR® rated.

Triple pane windows offer a little additional insulation if energy efficiency is your top goal with your new windows. Lastly there’s the glass fill. Most windows today have an air fill between the panes. If you want greater insulation value, consider argon or krypton. The best thing to do is compare the National Fenestration Rating Council rating for each window you’re considering.

Construction & Window Installers

When choosing a replacement window, you want a welded frame for both the sashes and the actual frame of the window. They will hold their shape better and that means they will operate more smoothly for longer. Of course, if you don’t choose experienced window installers, your windows won’t perform as promised by the manufacturer. Make sure the window company you hire is experienced and has a good reputation within your community.

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