If new siding is in your plans for 2020, you might want to know about the colors that are trending in 2020. Of course, different paint companies, siding manufacturers and home decorators all have their own opinions, here are some siding colors you might want to consider for your home if you’re looking for a modern exterior home remodel.

Back to Nature

Not only is this the name of the Behr’s color of the year, but it’s also a great description of a color trend for 2020. This color is a pale green reminiscent of moss early in the spring. It’s a great color for your home’s exterior contrasted with browns, dark greens or dark grey. Of course, if you’re not interested in a green, one of the color trends Sherwin Williams is sharing is a color pallet they’re calling Haven. It includes some blues, dark greys and gold. Still very much in keeping with the nature theme but a different consideration for your home’s exterior.


Grey is still a popular trend both inside and out for remodeling. James Hardie™ offers several options of grey toned siding colors options in their lines. One of the great things about grey siding is that it pairs so well with many colors. If you want a bright red front door, grey works. If you have black, white, or just about any other color windows, you can replace your siding with grey. Plus, when you want some great contrast, you can choose dark grey siding and a light contrast for trim or an accent area or light grey with a darker color accent.


With farmhouse styling still a top trend, white is still a great option for any home remodel. You can choose white as a main color or just a color for your trim or on your dormers. Of course, just about anything works with white. Greys, tans, reds and blues are all great ways to highlight the white. One of the benefits of white siding is that it will make your home look bigger. Plus, if your roof has recently been replaced, just about any roof color looks nice with white.

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