Dual colored windows have a different interior and exterior frame color and are a popular option of late. Partially because new manufacturing techniques make this a realistic and affordable option and partially because more homeowners than ever are getting replacement windows. If you’re beginning to look at your replacement window options, consider looking at the availability of frame colors. Here are three reasons why.

1.      To Better Coordinate with Your Home

Years ago windows were primarily wood which could be painted or stained any color inside and out. This gave a great deal of flexibility to a home’s look. Then aluminum windows became the norm which really came in only once color but some still could be painted. Today’s replacement window options include wood, vinyl, and aluminum. Many vinyl window manufacturers offer dual colored windows to better match your exterior and interior preferences.

2.      Stay in Tune with Your Home’s History

If you live in a historic home, you may need the exterior’s appearance to look unchanged but that window color might not work with your home’s interior. Dual colored windows give you the flexibility of keeping the historic nature on the outside but better coordinating with your personal style.

3.      Give Your Home’s Exterior a Pop

Maybe your home is stucco or brick and you wish you could give it a little pop to help it stand out from the other homes in your community but you’re not interested in a black or grey interior window frame. Dual colored windows give you that flexibility.

Things to Consider before Choosing Your Window Color

Keep in mind that when you eventually sell your home, you want the window frame color to be a selling point not something that a prospective buyer dislikes. That may mean sticking to relatively traditional interior colors or, at the very least, neutral colors. If you choose a truly custom color combination, you will end up paying more than standard offerings. If you have a particular color combination in mind, talk to your window company about what you’d like and they may be able to steer you to a company who offers what you’d like standard.

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