Every year the Hanley Wood comes out with their remodeling return on investment (ROI) study. In the 2020 Cost vs. Value Report (www.costvsvalue.com) they included a few siding, window and door options. As you’ll see if you download the entire report, nothing gives you a full return on your investment. Because few homeowners replace their windows and doors solely for the ROI, we know that this may be just interesting information for some.

Replacement Windows

Vinyl replacement windows are the better choice if you’re looking at the ROI of replacement windows. They’ll return about 62% of an average investment of around $17,000 for ten average size windows. Wood costs about $4,000 more and returns only about 54% of your investment. Many home buyers see vinyl as the lower maintenance option which may be part of the reasons for the higher return on investment.

New Entry Door

The only type of entry door listed in the report is a steel entry door. Don’t think of a steel door as something that’s a solid plain institutional looking door. There are many great options including ones with glass and textured exteriors to mimic wood. You’ll see about 65% return on just under a $2000 investment. Why consider replacing your door? Better security and increased curb appeal are two reasons. If your current door is drafty, this will also solve that problem.

New Siding

There are many great reasons to replace your siding. Better energy efficiency and less maintenance are two. The two primary siding materials homeowners choose for their new siding are fiber-cement and vinyl. Fiber cement siding, like that from James Hardie™, provides a significantly higher ROI than vinyl siding. There are many reasons you’ll get close to 65% return on fiber cement and only about 50% on vinyl. First, fiber-cement lasts longer. It’s also virtually impact resistant and won’t crack or become damaged from a hail storm. Plus, you and future owners will likely see a discount on homeowner’s insurance.

We rarely suggest replacing windows or siding to help sell your home. However, when you combine the benefits of better energy efficiency, increased comfort, better curb appeal and security, replacing them might be a good idea. If you are selling and your front entry door has seen better days, the small investment may indeed help sell your home more quickly and may be a good idea.

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