We’re going to spend the next few weeks giving you the facts about the different types of replacement windows, starting with vinyl. We’ve run into some interesting perceptions about vinyl replacement windows and want to share the facts, both good and bad, about the most popular choice for replacement windows.

Low Maintenance

Because the color of the window goes all the way through the vinyl, they are among the lowest maintenance window material. You won’t have to paint them and they’re fairly resistant to mold and mildew growth. And, because the color is in the entire window frame, if yours get scratched, the scratch doesn’t easily show.

Energy Efficient

Although most of the window’s energy-efficiency comes from the number of panes of glass and the fill between the glass, the frame does have some impact on a window’s energy-efficiency. Because vinyl doesn’t conduct heat or cold, you won’t find your home heating up when the sun shines on the window.


Vinyl replacement windows are among the most affordable replacement windows on the market. Most manufacturers offer a good, better and best option but overall, when compared to fiberglass or wood windows, vinyl replacement windows of similar NFRC ratings, will be less expensive than their counterparts.

Many Options

Most vinyl replacement window manufacturers offer many style options but unlike some other materials, the color options are virtually limitless when it comes to vinyl. If you want a custom window color, we offer VIVIDCOLOR by NT Window which allows you to pick custom exterior colors for your new windows.

So Why Wouldn’t Everyone Choose Vinyl?

There are a few drawbacks when it comes to vinyl replacement windows. Because isn’t as strong as some other window materials, the window frames are wider making for less glass. And, they do expand and contract with temperature changes more than some other window materials which can lead to needing to check the caulk more often. If you have a historic home, you may want to consider sticking with wood windows to preserve the value of your home. At the end of the life of a vinyl window, you’re not going to have many options to reuse it or recycle it so they tend to end up in a landfill more often than wood or aluminum windows.

If you’re looking for affordable replacement windows, vinyl is a great option. Affordable Replacement Window Systems offers many major brands of vinyl and other material windows. Call us today or fill out our contact form for your free estimate – (817) 264-6509.

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