As you look at windows and compare their energy efficiency, cost and warranties, you may be confused. Although the National Fenestration Rating Counsel makes it easy to compare the energy efficiency, nothing prepares you for comparing different manufacturers window warranty terms like limited warranty, lifetime warranty and limited lifetime warranty.

How Long is the Window Warranty?

This is a question we’re asked with virtually every quote we provide. And, it’s a fair one. However, not always an easy one to answer. Some manufacturers have different window warranty terms depending on the series of window. Most windows are covered for the lifetime you’re in your home or the expected life of the window against manufacturer defects. Other warranty elements vary based on the manufacturer, series and the part of the window.

What is a Lifetime Warranty?

Again, each manufacturer defines lifetime warranty differently. For some it means as long as you own the home. For others it’s a set amount of time they expect the window to last – hence the window’s lifetime warranty is its life expectancy. Also, you’ll want to read the fine print and see what’s covered by the lifetime warranty. Rarely is the glass covered, however, the frame, sash and window integrity usually are covered against manufacturer defect.

What is a Limited Warranty or Limited Lifetime Warranty?

The manufacturer includes the word limited in their description so that you know that there are limitations on the warranty. Depending how limited is included will make the warranty different. A limited warranty means there are limitations on the entire warranty. A limited lifetime warranty may mean that although the warranty is for the lifetime (remember that in itself has its own meaning) it may be somehow a limited lifetime warranty. Some limitations mean it’s only on parts, not labor or others mean a pro-rated warranty.

Final Notes About a Window Warranty

Keep in mind that no warranty covers misuse or abuse of the product – for windows or anything else. They also don’t cover faulty installation. That comes from your window company and their workmanship warranty or workmanship guarantee. Affordable Replacement Window Systems guarantees proper installation of your windows. This helps them perform as expected and ensures you get the full window warranty from the manufacturer. Call or text us today at (817) 264-6509 or fill out our contact form today for your free quote.

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