local window company installationSure, the national companies advertise amazing deals on TV making it very tempting to just call them, but should you? What about the local guy who doesn’t advertise on television but instead with a local mailing or online? There are many benefits to working with a local window company and today’s blog shares some of those benefits.

Benefits of Buying Local

A local window company knows the area. They can recommend the right windows for your home and budget. Rather than being limited to just one brand and perhaps being pushed toward whatever product the manufacturer has a promotion that the sales person benefits from when they sell it, you’ll get an honest unbiased opinion. The national companies train their sales people to be just that, sales people. When you work with a local window company, they want to win you as a customer but they don’t need to sell a particular window.

Buying local also keeps the money in the community. The cost of your windows go to pay the manufacturer, installer, owner, and sales person. In some companies one person does several of those rolls. They then take their paycheck and spend it locally. National window companies support everyone in the organization all the way up to the CEO.

If you need service and you’ve purchased from a local window company, you won’t wait weeks for service. Their installers and repair technicians are locally based so they can schedule your repair sooner than a national company can in many cases.

Drawbacks of Using a Local Window Company

The only drawback of using a local window company is if you have your mind set on a national brand. Most national brands are sold only by the manufacturer. So if you want one of the big names you see on TV, you’ll have to call that big name company. We suggest you call a local window company too. You’ll quickly learn that no matter what manufacturer you’re looking at, they all offer similar windows with comparable warranties. Because the NFRA regulates the ratings on windows, you really can compare apples to apples.

If you’re looking for a local window company who offers several brands and many styles, call Affordable Replacement Window Systems. We’re ready to help you find the right window for your home. No gimmicks, no pushy sales people, just an honest and fair estimate for your new windows. Call (817) 264-6509 to schedule your in-home consultation.

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