In Texas wood replacement windows aren’t very popular. Most often we install vinyl replacement windows. However, wood windows still exist because their beauty can’t be matched by vinyl or aluminum. Their maintenance and how easily they can be damaged by pests and water make them a less than ideal choice in Texas. However, clad windows are a great option that we often recommend when people ask about wood replacement windows.

Why Clad Windows

Clad windows give you the appearance of wood windows outside and actual wood windows on the inside. This allows you to paint or stain your windows inside your home with less maintenance on the outside. Most homeowners choose either vinyl clad windows or aluminum clad windows. Both offer the exterior of the window protection from the elements and bugs while still giving the appearance of a wood window on the outside. They are a great option for historic homes where you want to preserve the historic appearance of the home without the maintenance of wood.

Clad Window Options

Unlike wood replacement windows where you can change the finish anytime, when you choose clad windows, you have the option of choosing an exterior color that you can’t change and an interior that’s either pre-finished with paint or stain or bare wood that you can finish yourself. Most homeowners choose a pre-finished option. Of course, like any other window, you can choose the glass, fill and grille options in the windows as well as the hardware. Although some manufacturers offer multiple styles of clad windows, the most common are single and double hung windows.

Affordable Replacement Windows Can Help You Choose the Best Replacement Windows

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