Window film can offer benefits but isn’t the right solution for every window problem. There are three main types of window film, all of which have a different purpose. Depending on what you want from the film will determine which type you need. Just remember that window film won’t make your windows more energy efficient, you’ll need to contact a DFW area window company for replacement windows instead.

Types of Window Film

The most common type of window film is the decorative style. You can find many patterns, colors, and designs online and in your local home improvement store. Most decorative film’s purpose is to provide privacy without adding a curtain or blind.

If you’re looking to increase the safety of those inside your home, you want security film. Most security film is installed in the window manufacturing process between the two panes of glass and help hold the glass together in the event it shatters. This is also referred to as Impact Resistant Glass and if that is of interest, call your DFW area window company and ask about Impact Resistant Glass replacement windows. There are some commercially available security films that can be installed inside your home but they aren’t as effective as that which is installed between the windows.

Lastly, is solar film or Low-E film. In the DFW Metroplex, many homeowners choose solar film to help block the sun’s heat from their home. If you don’t already have Low-E windows and a window replacement isn’t in your budget, this might be a good option for your home.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Low-E Window Film

The first benefit is that you can keep some of the heat out of your home without closing the blinds. Increasing the solar reflectivity will help cut down on cooling costs assuming your windows are not leaking air. The second benefit is that you can prevent fading of your furniture, flooring, and rugs by installing window film with UV protection.

One big drawback is the possibility that you’ll void your window manufacturer warranty. You may want to check with your window manufacturer if you are unsure of how this many impact the warranty. Another drawback is the misunderstanding homeowners have about the increased energy-efficiency. A low-quality or damaged window will still leak air. Spending money to try to improve it with window film will just cause you to waste more money.

Depending on your reason for window film, it may help improve your home’s comfort. It won’t change the look of the windows. If yours are deteriorating, damaged, or old you should consider replacement windows. Affordable Replacement Window Systems is your local DFW area window company and can help you choose the right replacement windows for your home. Call (817) 264-6509 today or fill out our contact form.

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