We get many questions about replacing windows. Things like, what color frame do you recommend for my house? Do you think double pane or triple pane would be better? And is one brand better than another? At Affordable Replacement Window Systems one of the principles of our company is to answer your questions in a straightforward manner. Most of these questions depend on your home, goals of new windows, and budget. There are some things that we’ve found surprise homeowners when installation day arrives. We thought sharing some in today’s blog would help.

It’s Messy

Replacing windows is messy. Although our installation teams do the best they can to limit the mess, some dust and debris is inevitable. We will, of course, clean up before we go. If it you can remove tables, area rugs, and other items near the windows we’re replacing, the job will go more quickly and you’ll be happier when we go. Also keep in mind that we’ll be coming in and out of your home so anything in the entry way or along the stairs that may hinder our progress should be moved as well.

Pets and Kids

We love pets and kids, in fact we have some of our own. However, they don’t always love us. We also want them to be safe so please keep your pets contained so they don’t run out the door when we come in and out. Sometimes children see the window opening as something to climb through (or worse, accidentally fall out of) during the replacement process. And, we don’t want the noise to scare either of them.


With any construction related job on your home, there are hiccups or the unknown. We never want to find a structural issue or water damage but it happens. You need to be prepared for the unknown when we remove your windows. Sometimes the repairs are minor and can be handled that day but other times, they are more involved and require additional manpower.

Another issue we run into is the weather. We never want to remove a window and have heavy rain start. Because of this, we may need to reschedule your window replacement if we expect inclement weather. This is for the safety of your home and our crews. We appreciate your understanding when this happens because we know it’s an inconvenience.

Replacing windows is a job that should be handled by the professionals. If you’re looking for new windows for your home, contact Affordable Replacement Window Systems. We’re locally based in Arlington and have decades of construction and window experience. Call (817) 264-6509 today.

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