Are you wondering about the replacement window ROI and if they’re worth buying for their return? Spoiler alert – they’re not. If the only reason you’re thinking about replacing windows is to sell your home, you probably shouldn’t replace them. However, when you look at the return on investment and combine that with the other benefits, new windows make a great deal of sense in most situations.

But What is the Return on Investment for Replacement Windows

Fair enough, you clicked on our link looking for replacement window ROI so here it is according to 2021 Remodeling’s Cost vs. Value Report for the West South Central Region:

Vinyl replacement windows have a 61% return.

Wood replacement windows have about a 60% return.

Neither of those numbers sound great until you realize that few home improvement projects have a return much out of the 55th percentile. That means that replacement windows are actually one of the higher return home improvement projects you can do.

Consider the Other Benefits

Instead of solely looking at the return you may see when you sell your home, look at the benefits you’ll enjoy while you’re in your home. The most basic is the increased curb appeal. The one that most homeowners enjoy the most is the increased comfort inside their home.

There are financial benefits as well. Once you add these to the ROI, you may decide that replacing windows is a good project to move forward with.

  • Energy savings – Assuming you choose ENERGY STAR® rated windows for our region, you could see savings at about $320 a year.
  • Less air leakage – Part of the savings you see above is from air leakage, however, if you have a room or rooms in your home that are always warmer in the summer to the point you have to turn the air conditioning down significantly, you’ll save even more. You’ll find that with better windows, the temperature throughout your home is more consistent.
  • No more fading – Do you replace carpeting and furniture often because of fading? Today’s windows have Low-E glass which blocks a significant portion of UV rays which is what causes the fading.

Another benefit we love is that you may find that your home is quieter and everyone gets better rest. That may not be able to be measured in dollars, but better rest leads to better productivity.

Affordable Replacement Windows Can Help

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