Today’s vinyl replacement windows color options are varied in both standard and custom lines. Choosing the right color for your new windows can be overwhelming with so many options. Not only do you want the window color to look great from the outside, but you want it to be something you love on the inside. Although some replacement windows offer a different color window frame on the outside and inside, this is an upgrade option in most lines. Here are some helpful tips to get you started choosing the right replacement window color.

Window color options from NT WindowsStep Outside

Look at your home from the outside before thinking about the inside color. Your home already has many colors. Although the roof and siding are likely the most visual elements of your home’s exteriors, look at the smaller details. Your soffits, fascia, garage doors, and front door may help you choose an appropriate window color. The key is to continue with the color theme you already have without blending in. If your home has siding or stucco, avoid a window color that is the same as your exterior.

While you’re outside, look at other homes nearby. Do you like their windows? Are the homes in your neighborhood cookie cutter? Choosing a different window color is a way to make your home stand out. Also think about your area and your landscaping. If your current windows and trim are dirty, you may want to choose a color that camouflages the dirt.

From the Inside

Stand back from your current windows, chances are the inside is white. Does that work with the rest of your home’s décor? For a long time vinyl windows came in a few shades of white and aluminum windows were silver. With so many options today you can choose almost any hue. Keep in mind that if you decide something bold you may be limited in how you can change the room’s color in the future.

New Neutrals

Mostly neutral colors were a version of beige until recently. Today’s neutrals include beige but are expanded to include greys, tans, greens, and blues. These new neutrals can work well on many homes to add a bit of color, character, and style.

If you’re ready to call a replacement window company who can help you choose the best replacement window color option for your home, call Affordable Replacement Window Systems. If you want a custom color, NT Window Inc offers VIVIDCOLOR to match any color you want. Call (817) 264-6509 today to get started with your replacement window project.

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