replace windows with affordable repalcement window systems

Yes! In fact, other than a torrential rain and wind event, there really is no bad time to install replacement windows in Arlington or anywhere in the Dallas Metroplex. That’s because the process doesn’t leave your entire home open to the elements at all. When Affordable Replacement Window Systems installs your new windows, we do it one window at a time. In most cases, your home is open to the outside less than ten minutes per window making any time the perfect time to install new windows.

Our Process of Window Installations

Our scheduler will work with you on a good date once your windows arrive to us. For most homes, the process takes just one day. Prior to our arrival, we ask that you take the time to clear the area below and around each window prior. Make sure window treatments are down and remove any wall hangings near the windows.

Depending upon your home, the installation team may take one of two approaches. Either they will remove the trim around all the windows being replaced, or they remove the trim on each window as they get ready to replace that specific window. When they are ready to replace a window, the new window is brought into the room ready for installation. We then remove the existing window and inspect the frame. Assuming the frame is in good condition, the new window is installed per manufacturer’s guidelines. Then we reinstall the trim. The process is that simple for each window unless there are issues with the frame.

Of course, there are times when things go a little differently because of either your existing windows or the new windows we’re installing but in general, this is the norm. The most common cause for a window to be out longer than a few minutes is if there is water damage or other deterioration of the framing to which the new window attaches. This has to be repaired to ensure your new windows stay where they are supposed to be.

Affordable Replacement Window Systems does everything they can to minimize the time your home is open to the elements. We’d love to be your replacement window company if you live in greater Arlington. Call today for your no hassle estimate for replacement windows (817) 264-6509.

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