It’s the age-old question that millions of homeowners ask each year: should I repair my existing windows, or is it time to get replacement windows in Dallas? It’s also a very important question, because getting replacement windows too soon is a waste of your hard-earned money, but waiting too long and trying to do repairs could also be costing you. Here are the ways you can determine which is right for you.

Constantly Rising Energy Bills

Windows are like huge gaping holes in your home’s insulation, which means they are a weak point where energy might be seeping outside. If you have newer windows, they are designed to keep hot or cold air from getting inside, or keep the air inside from getting out. All windows will become less efficient over time, so if your energy bills are noticeably going up without any other discernible reason, it may be time to replace them.

Rotted Window Frames

Older homes built with wooden window frames will rot over time as water from things like storms, sprinklers, and humidity makes it way into the frames and sashes. This is especially true if the paint and primer have peeled off or become damaged. Small sections of rotted wood might be okay to patch, but large sections or multiple windows with rotted wood should be replaced.

Foggy Windows

Broken windows seals will result in condensation or “fog” between the panes, which not only makes it hard to see out of your windows, it can lead to damage inside your windows, especially if the moisture creates conditions for mold or mildew growth. A Dallas window repair company may be able to help install a new sash, but depending on how long it’s been broken and how much additional damage is there, you may need replacement windows.

Windows that Won’t Open

It might seem like a minor annoyance when your windows don’t open or close smoothly, but it can actually be a safety hazard if your windows are stuck when someone needs to use them as a means of escape from the house. If it’s a minor issue such as a window that was painted shut or dirt accumulation in the track that can easily be remedied, but if it’s a problem with the frame you should probably talk to a contractor about installing new windows in Dallas.

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