Casement windows are growing in popularity throughout Arlington and the DFW metro area. There are many reasons homeowners choose casement their replacement windows. However, like any window style, they have some drawbacks. Here are a few things to know before you finalize your decision and choose casement as your window style.

Reasons to Choose Casement Windows

Just because they’re growing in popularity isn’t a good reason to choose them for your home. Everyone has their own taste and preferences. You should only choose windows that meet your needs and that you love. Here are a few common reasons people choose these as their replacement windows.

  • Ventilation – When a casement window is open, it provides a great deal of ventilation. If the breeze is coming in at a specific angle, you can open the window just enough to catch that breeze and funnel the fresh air into the home.
  • Energy Efficiency – When the window is closed, it is more air-tight than single or double hung windows, making it a leader in energy efficiency of all opening window styles.
  • Security – The locking mechanism is embedded in the window making it more secure than some other window styles.
  • Easy to Clean – Simply open the window and remove the screen and you can clean both the inside and outside of the window from the safety of your home.

Their Drawbacks

Like all window styles, casement windows have some drawbacks. The biggest is their cost. They are more expensive than sliding, single and most double-hung windows. If you have a very large window opening, you won’t be able to have a single casement window for the opening as they do have size limitations due to the way they open and close. Which leads us to their biggest drawback, the fact that they have more mechanical parts than other window styles. The hinges, crank and latch are all potential points of failure which can be a drawback for many. Some people also dislike having the screen in their home.

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